This is some of my animations. Just like life, learning never stops. Keep animating, keep training, keep trying. I'm far away from perfect, any comments and/or critiques would be very welcomed.

3D Modeling

When I was moving on from 2D Artist onto 3D, modeling was my first stepping stone. Go check it out.

2D Artwork

Before the Hilma-as-animator time has come, I was more as a 2D artist. I love sketching, digital painting, and making comics. Although I don't do all of that much lately, I still sketch and paint in my spare time.


It's a good training and application of cinematography. Plus I make alot of friends by it. I didn't have wide knowlededge of any photography techniques. I just use basic theory + my cinematography senses and skill. So I'm quite happy when alot of people love my works.

Animation Showreel

My newest reel. Click on picture for Youtube link, or click here for Vimeo version.

Mar 15, 2011

Working in Malaysia.

On February 2011 I'd been on one month contract project in Malaysia. The office located in Syah Alam, Half and hour driving from Kuala Lumpur. I was working on a project for Digilogic - Tulus Fikir malaysian company. Never ask for my job preview on the project, that's again the rule. Lol.
Though the schedule is pretty tight. But it's still fun and full of experience. The people especially the boss and seniors is surprisingly fun, giving good atmosphere to the whole workplace. The most drawback is the adaptation with the food, weather, and work system. I got sick and so is my friend. But fortunately the project still could be completed in that one month so that's not really a problem.
For now I'm on one ambitious project in Indonesia. I even got proposed to be a teacher in the university I'm working to. But I guess it's not the right time for me to get settled, maybe another time. For now I want to wander around gathering experience -and money, haha- from around the world -hopefully. If everything's running fine, me, my friend, and probably with some other friends, would come back to Malaysia soon. Wish us luck.

Mar 7, 2011

Action Figure Collection [Always Updated]

Hobby, inspiration, perversion. You name it. I love them. I'll update the pictures each time my collection grows ;D

Lucia Action Figure

Kaiyodo Mon-Sieur BOME Collection Vol.25, Lucia from "POSITIVE PENGUIN LIFE"

  • Original culpture by BOME
  • Produced and Manufactured by KAIYODO
  • Sold by XEBEC
  • Distributed by ORGANIC


Mar 4, 2011

It's Time For a Comeback.

Whew, it's been like forever. More than a month I didn't write here.
Well.. Lots of things happened. I was on a project in Malaysia for a month, pretty busy and I got sick too, and lately when I got home, internet sucks and dead completely just 2 days ago.
But I just stop using the old provider and got the new one last night and I can say that.. It's ton much better!
So here I am, hoping that I could start writing something again A.S.A.P. If I am still busy right now, at least tomorrow is already weekend and I got one new action figure I didn't uploaded. Yay!


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