This is some of my animations. Just like life, learning never stops. Keep animating, keep training, keep trying. I'm far away from perfect, any comments and/or critiques would be very welcomed.

3D Modeling

When I was moving on from 2D Artist onto 3D, modeling was my first stepping stone. Go check it out.

2D Artwork

Before the Hilma-as-animator time has come, I was more as a 2D artist. I love sketching, digital painting, and making comics. Although I don't do all of that much lately, I still sketch and paint in my spare time.


It's a good training and application of cinematography. Plus I make alot of friends by it. I didn't have wide knowlededge of any photography techniques. I just use basic theory + my cinematography senses and skill. So I'm quite happy when alot of people love my works.

Animation Showreel

My newest reel. Click on picture for Youtube link, or click here for Vimeo version.

Nov 16, 2011

Monster Beats™ by Dr. Dre™ Tour

Just got my hand on this

Here's some piccies I took with my camera.


I want this earphone after I saw Lara Croft used it on her new trailer


 And my friend told me that Denzel Washington and Mila Kunis wears it too on The Book of Eli. So I do quick search and he's right.

 I guess I'm a victim of brainwash advertisement. But still this earphone not just looks cool but got great sound, especially on bass area.
So it's me, looking as cool as Lara Croft and Mila Kunis, and enjoying amazing music, anytime, anywhere.

Nov 10, 2011

Bored + Cintiq = New Art


I was bored that day at office and start to doodle on my Cintiq [office's Cintiq to be more precise], in the end the concept got pretty interesting so after work hour I moved it into my flashdrive and continued it home with my lovable Intuos. It was getting exciting and took me until 2 o' clock in the morning till I finish this.

The close up shot, if it's still to small, just click it for bigger view.

And this is the step by step progress. I've used black and white value technique before which is not quite satisfying for me, but this one does better. I start to have grip for this way of creating depth, and it's faster too. With this I can color the picture as a whole composition, not part by part.

Oct 19, 2011

Photography Blog

So I decided to move my photography posts to specific blog because it happened that I'm pretty busy with session lately. I planned to use this blog for my art journal and online portfolio. Photography is still a hobby and advantage factor for my job, so I can't let it dominates this site. So, to manage it better and trying to give the best for the blog readers, any photography works and talks would be move to
It's still under construction, probably 50%, but I already moved, retouched, and posted some of new works. You can check it if you want.

Sep 30, 2011

Punyu Redesign [Update]

I'm trying to make Punyu design more realistic and less cartoony, not that less cartony just more believable. The previous one is just too 2 dimensional for me. I give her more anatomical body, better proportion, slight boobs pumping, and feet(!). The design is still a work in progress.

click the picture for a bigger view

Some mechanical super fist? Idk. I'm still researching

Older Punyu. Now she has more anatomical hot body, and more mature face.

Aug 22, 2011


She was an ordinary little girl.
She was persecuted.
She is an assassin.
She is getting revenge.

Intuos4 on Photoshop for painting and effect.

No effect
With some lighting effect. Final. Done.

Architectural Painting Test

Robie House, Frank Lloyd Wright

Hermione Knows A Shortcut

"Harry, you are going to be late for Potions class!"
Hermione can make Harry arrive in time for Snape's class. She knows a secret dark passage to get there fast.
Digital painting done in Photoshop CS3 with intuos4.

Emma Watson face WIP.

Final piece.

Jul 25, 2011

In Her Dance

Babydoll from Suckerpunch. Intuos4 on Photoshop CS3.
I Used footage from the movie for background color and reference.


Jul 6, 2011

The Chronicles of Java

Coola things! I just find this movie uploaded by my art director that means this is shareable now.
This is an animation project I've been doing. It's not perfect yet. But enough for a teaser. And still the best visual of domestic animation I've ever seen for now. Glad I could be involved.

CoJ is an ambitious full feature movie project. I am involved as a lead animator. Here I'll be using motion capture animation pipeline, quite an experience, huh?

I'm the on the middle, kneeling with white shirt and white glasses xD
I'm really sure this project gonna teach me a lot in new animation technique and responsibility as animation leader. And for now, the project is a giant piles of superfuness. The total production, including pre and post production would be done in full 2 years. Wish us luck!

Do you feel like you're cut for it? You think you're a good enough and in need of great experience doing project with many professional people? You don't want to sit on the seat of people looking for an animation movie who did by other people of their own country and just say  "Holy-F*** that movie is awesome wish I could be the one made it!"? Then prolly you're the right guy I need since when production starts I'm gonna need team soon and start recruiting talented people.

Jul 4, 2011

Back To Photoshop

 After got stuck with Painter, I try to learn the wide known Photoshop's brush technique.

Triss Merigold

Elf Princess

Bloody Routine

Jun 30, 2011

Lara Croft Tomb Raider Underworld NECA Figure

May 25, 2011


Quite active on digital painting now. Anime style!
Didn't count the time. Pretty long actually cause I'm wandering much when doing this. As usual, Wacom Intuos4 on Corel Painter X. I decide to use line art on the last time. Enjoy..

This is the uncensored version. Warning! Contain explicit nudity.

Dumped [Uncensored]:

May 24, 2011



May 23, 2011



de·kar /d├ękar/ v, men·de·kar v swordplaying; to fight with a sword;
pen·de·kar n 1 expert fighter (in sword play, etc.); 2 brave person (defends the weaks-etc); 3 hero; 4 swordmaster, 5 champion;

2 hours Wacom Intuos4 on Corel Painter X.


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