Dec 4, 2010

Choosing between Omnia i900 and Blackberry Storm 9530

Rest in peace
That morning I woke up my Samsung Star S5233 cellphone's touchscreen suddenly inactive, totally. Sure the screen looked okay, normal, the keypad too, but it didn't respond any touch! I couldn't send or open message, open phonebook, etc. I could only call the last number that had calling me. A fully touchscreen phone that can't be touch? Hmmmm.. I bought it on the August 2009, so the warranty has been expired, ouch.
Then I guessed I need to get a new cellphone. So I did a little riset to find a new phone that suits me, the thing itself and [of course] the price. After long one day of browsing, reading, comparing. I had narrowing the selection into two: Samsung Omnia i900 and RIM Blackberry Storm 9530.

Why Omnia?
Samsung Omnia i900
I've been accustomed to touchscreen and Samsung. Omnia would give the feel like the upgrade of my good ol' Star. It has all what Star has plus alot of better things. Much more better processor, better technology, and my favorit OS: Windows Mobile. And personaly I really love the look. The only BIG drawback is it's an old released phone. It has been discontinued so I wouldn't find the new item on the market, only the used one.

Why Storm?
RIM Blackberry Storm 9530
Blackberry has been a new phenomenon in Indonesia. Alot of people use it because of it's easy and user friendly internet service such as facebook, email, twitter etc. But I was holding back into getting it because of personal reason. I don't like Blackberry's keypad form, not style. It's more into it's physical look, I just don't like it. That was untill I found about Storm, a touchscreen version of Blackberry. Therefore, my personal Balckberry problem's solved.

So I decided to get Blackberry.


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