This is some of my animations. Just like life, learning never stops. Keep animating, keep training, keep trying. I'm far away from perfect, any comments and/or critiques would be very welcomed.

3D Modeling

When I was moving on from 2D Artist onto 3D, modeling was my first stepping stone. Go check it out.

2D Artwork

Before the Hilma-as-animator time has come, I was more as a 2D artist. I love sketching, digital painting, and making comics. Although I don't do all of that much lately, I still sketch and paint in my spare time.


It's a good training and application of cinematography. Plus I make alot of friends by it. I didn't have wide knowlededge of any photography techniques. I just use basic theory + my cinematography senses and skill. So I'm quite happy when alot of people love my works.

Animation Showreel

My newest reel. Click on picture for Youtube link, or click here for Vimeo version.

Oct 22, 2010

So Little Time, So Much I Want To Do

Make you wish one day consists of more than 24 hours, eh.

I have so many things, so many plans, but all of them needs time, one I can't control and felt so lacky even I've already slept for only 5 hours a day [Hell, I can't do less than that or I'd loose weight again, and that would not be quiet healthy]. And I also realized, the eager to do many things also prevent me to be game maniac like before. I only play game when It's leisure time, I had nothing important to do, or the game is really really interesting [which I can say not many since I've lost interest in game pretty much]

That's one reason I'm not updating this blog as much as before, but I can promise you that is because I'm always doing on somethings. One the things are done I'll put them here. For now I'm busy on finishing the animation for IndoCG Challenge. I have plan to make clay, hope I can start that once the challenge is done [and thank's God I'm on rendering phase right now]. I can also mention I miss painting, but the lack of pen tablet help me to endure that, lol.

One thing I learnt for success in finishing lot of projects is never do another if one was not done yet. I know it's hard to ignore something more interesting that keep coming while we're still working on the old project that starts to feel kinda boring, but in the end you'll surprised by the pile of results that is more than rather keep changing on different kind of projects.

One acomplished result is better than a bunch of half-done works. Focus! Always one thing at a time.

Oct 16, 2010

And Rei Again..

Evangelion 1/6 Scale Pre-Painted Figure REI AYANAMI sculpted by Tsukuru Shirahige. Produced by KOTOBUKIYA, Co


Oct 10, 2010

Cosplay | Amplaz 9/10/2010

It has been a long time I didn't have a chance to took picture of cosplayers since the last time in Vredeburg. Last week on a cosplay event at SMA 7 I was in Jakarta. So when I heard about this event I was surely planning to be there, packed with my photography gears.

Hunting on a Mall was a challenge! It's a crowd area, you need to adapt with the distances, spaces, people activites, and indoor light condition. I remember changing the lens all the time to get best results and I didn't want to make the cosplayers to wait so I've got to did it fast. Tight close up is easier to get with 50mm fix lenses. It gives nice bokeh and lot of lights for it 1/1.8 apperture. But its tight focal length could be an action killer for shot that need full body shot and dramatic wide angle, that was when I decide to change into my 15-55mm kit lense. I also need to push ISO setting into 1600 (!) because I knew I will need to move alot, and got distraction alot. I think some noise is more tolerable than having blurry and unfocused pictures.
But overall, this was a great opportunity and learning, I crave for another photographic experiences like this.

My photography philosophy is both photographer and the model has the right to own the piccies, so here they are the high resolution version to grab, just click on the thumbnails, it linked to photobucket hosting directly. The resolution is 1074x1600 pixels, enough for a print or anythings.







Oct 7, 2010

Gundam Again and World of Warcraft

I already got the toy couple weeks ago actually, but I didn't have the time for the photo session. Just took it this morning, my first 1/100 scale Gundam, ZGMF-X42S DESTINY.

World of Warcraft

Now this one is kinda new, as my possession to be more precisely. Because this was a loose pack, second hand, and in unperfect condition. No base stand nor weapons. That's why I got it in a really cheap price, less than a half of how much it has to be.
I need to retouch it a little like put it on hot water to straighten the wings, stick the loose head, and cut a drawing board for the base, but that was where I enjoy it. I'm not a perfect collector I can say that, but at least I got new nice model for a photo session. Nice!



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