This is some of my animations. Just like life, learning never stops. Keep animating, keep training, keep trying. I'm far away from perfect, any comments and/or critiques would be very welcomed.

3D Modeling

When I was moving on from 2D Artist onto 3D, modeling was my first stepping stone. Go check it out.

2D Artwork

Before the Hilma-as-animator time has come, I was more as a 2D artist. I love sketching, digital painting, and making comics. Although I don't do all of that much lately, I still sketch and paint in my spare time.


It's a good training and application of cinematography. Plus I make alot of friends by it. I didn't have wide knowlededge of any photography techniques. I just use basic theory + my cinematography senses and skill. So I'm quite happy when alot of people love my works.

Animation Showreel

My newest reel. Click on picture for Youtube link, or click here for Vimeo version.

Sep 26, 2010

Jathilan - A Photo Shoot

Kuda lumping / jaran kepang / jathilan: a traditional Javanese dance featuring a group of soldiers on a horse This dance is using a horse made of wicker and bamboo that cut like a horse. This horse matting decorated with colorful paint and fabric. Jathilan is usually only shows the saber scene, but some performances will also serve lumping horse possessed attractions, immunity, and magical powers, such as the attraction of eating glass and immunity against flogging whip. Jathilan is part of the reog dance performances. Though this dance came from Java, Indonesia, this dance is also inherited by the Javanese settled in Malaysia and Singapore.Jathilan is an art that is played with a horse property imitation, made from woven bamboo. None of the historical record can explain the origin of this dance, only verbal history passed down from one generation to the next. [source: wikipedia - translated in english by writer]

There was a people party in Kayen Village, the place where studiokasatmata studios presents. There gonna be a Jathilan. Since I didn't have so much to do on this weekend, I pack my gear and came to studio on Sunday ..and I'm not dissapointed I did. Rain didn't mean a pulldown, though I need to be more careful in protecting my camera, but it made the Jathilan trance even more dramatic!


Sep 25, 2010

Resume is Done

Just new update for the site. I'm done with the resume page, though I'll still add link to download the pdf or doc version of it. At least the link won't just shows up blank page now. That includes drawing, 3D modeling, and animation page. I'm still working on the photography page, other than this one page, else is good to go.

Sep 24, 2010

Animation Showreel 2010

At last I had finish this project, Phew. Took quite some times.
Now I just need to apply this everywhere, and wait for the magic to come :)

Sep 23, 2010

Punyu's Complete Walkcycle

Igniting my own spirit

Change is nature, Dad. The part that we can influence. And it starts when we decide. - Remi, Ratatouille

Best quote from my best pixar movie. I always remind myself of that words often, especially lately. It gives me spirit, for my plan, for my future, to give the best course for my life. Eventhough it means I need to move from my comfort position and do something risky, but I know that I won't ever be dissapointed on failing. The things that could dissapoint me is never tried, never took the chances, and my life is left without I ever fight with my best.
I want to fullfill my dream till the fullest. I don't want to survive but feel shame and empty at home. I want to go fight out there, because  in the warfield, either dead or survive, both is glorious.

Wish me luck.

Sep 20, 2010

Animate at Work [My Early Animations]

This is some animations I did on my job where I work as the animation and director. Copyright of studiokasatmata.

Jogja Asian Film Festival 2007 Opening

Wedding Season [It got runner up of a competition that I forgot what it was ^^;]

BROKEN [Indonesia ICT Award 2009 nominator]

New Face!

The holidays had just pass. It is time for me to get back into my reel project, and this time.. crunch time.
One more punyu walkcycle and the reel is as good as a hot baked cake. But it's not easy since I got to manage time between this personal project, work, life, play and rest.
The best thing to get through with that is a brand new spirit. There I change the look of my site, Not a big changes but more like putting small and nice add ons.
The main theme obviously been changed and you' ll notice that I had add new portofolio banners. It is cool! But.. the contents are still under construction. Won't be long, coming soon, just be patient.
Also now commenting a post is far more easy with the embeded post window just under the post. so go on. comment ;)

Sep 18, 2010

Hunts on Eid Mubarok

People, kids, elder, everythings, we meet lot of them on the holidays. Always keep your camera ready, because you'll encounter alot of interesting moments, frequently.

Sep 11, 2010

Eid Mubarok!

Sep 7, 2010

Temple of the Seven Gold Camels

Got this link from Keithlango's Blog when blog-walking last night. This is another gold mine! had placed it on my favorit blogs list.

Sep 6, 2010

Acting Animation - Not As Simple As..

This should be the last acting clip for my 2010 reel. Then after I'm done with punyu walk/runcycle, the reel would be considerly done.

The workflow:

A friend asks me to make the clip less shakey for an analyzing purpose. I already like the handycam version, so rather than change the final result, I'll upload the steady version, the one without camera animation in order you to see the animation clearly. Hope it could help.

Jalan Jalan - Lotus [Dragon Hunters OST]

I rewatched Dragon Hunter [Chasseurs De Dragons] when I refound this music. What a superb mucic, and more, it uses a very familiar Indonesian instrument. Kinda sounds like Javanese/Balinese music that arranged into some masterpiece with Hans Zimmer quality. Curiously I googled it and found that The song's title is Lotus, performed by Jalan Jalan[!] and the album name is: Bali[!]. Do you think that's surprising enough? Well.. that's not the biggest twist. Jalan Jalan is not an Indonesian music band, orchestra, or something, but it is actually a Japanese! here's more about Jalan Jalan Bali CD:

The stunning debut by Japanese ensemble Jalan Jalan evokes the island of Bali via authentic instrumentation, moving melodies, artfully arranged ambience, and stylish flourishes. Balinese gamelan is at the center of the music: with gongs, the gender (the metal keyboard used in gamelan), bamboo flutes, and percussion, making BALI feel particularly rooted in traditions of its geographical namesake. Yet the compositions here--simple, plaintive, and pointedly beautiful--unfold with an elegance that recalls 20th-century minimalism. The combination is immediately appealing, and sustains its fascination over multiple listens.

Proud and shame comes to me massively..
Proud because our country has a beautiful music potential that charms and inspires peoples from other country, and shame because other country appreciates and values our tradition more then ourself. I didn't yet found our musicians has arrange our traditional music into masterpiece like this. Apart from it, it is a beautiful music indeed. I'm in love to it maybe I'm gonna use it as background music for my animation reel.


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