Nationality: Indonesian
DoB: October 26th 1980
+62 813 27 072 600


1999-2006 | Engineering Faculty - Gadjah Mada University - Jogjakarta, Indonesia
Graduates in Bachelor Degree (S1) architecture studies.
2003 | 3Ds MAX Software Learning Class

2003-present day | STUDIOKASAMATA Animation House - Jogjakarta, Indonesia
3D generalist specializing in animation

The project that I have done:
2004 | HOMELAND, Indonesian first fully animated 3D feature length movie.
character designer, storyboarder, and texture artist.
2005 | AHOZ, Indonesian tokusatsu movie
2D artist
2006 | PLAYING, LEARNING, AND FUN, WITH KAK BILI, TV education serial
character designer, storyboarder, texture artist.
2007 | JAZZY JAMS, short movie
director, character designer, storyboarder, texture artist, and character animator.
2007/2008/2009 | JOGJA ASIAN FILM FESTIVAL, event opening movie
director, and all the visual elements minus character modeling and rigging.
2008 | GENEMATRIK, TV education serial
storyboarder, texture artist, and character animator.
2008 | KLUB PEDULI AIR, educational movie
storyboarder, texture artist, and character animator.
2008 | ENERGI UNTUK KEHIDUPAN, educational movie
director, character designer, character modeler, texture artist, and character animator.
director, character animator, texture artist, and lighting-render artist.
2009 | BROKEN, short movie
director, character animator, and lighting-render artist.
2010 | KISAH LULU DAN PARA RAJA SOFTWARE, educational movie
texture artist and character animator
2010 | PETUALANGAN IKO DI DUNIA MAYA, educational movie
part 1
part 2

character designer, character modeler, rigger, storyboarder, texture artist, and character animator.

February – March 2009 | Animatedbajoe - Jogjakarta , Indonesia
freelancer [2D artist, 3D modeller, and texture artist]

December 2009 | Si Lo’ong Short Movies
freelancer [Texture Artist]

January - March 2010 | ABC Mr. Jussy Milky Television Advertisement
freelancer [3D character animator]

February 2011 | Digilogic - Tulusfikir, Malaysia
full time texture artist and animator


2009 | MUSIM KONDANGAN [WEDDING SEASON], public service ads competition runner-up

2009 | BROKEN, Indonesia ICT Award 2009 nominee

2010, February | IndoCG Animation Challenge I Cathegory Body Mechanics, 1st Place

2010, June | IndoCG Animation Challenge III Cathegory Sound Synchronization, 1st Place

2010, November | IndoCG Animation Challenge IV Cathegory In-Game Actions, 1st Place



Advance Traditional and Digital Illustrating, Sketch, Comic and Storyboard. Good perception about posing, and understanding of anatomy, perspective and space in the drawing.


Great and imaginative 3D animation skill, accustomed with many kind of rigs including custom bones, biped, and C.A.T
Generalist in senior level of 3Ds Max.
Advance organic and unorganic modelling with efficient polygons [Low poly base modeler]
Mastering rigging with XSI Character Animation Toolkit and 3ds Max skinning with skin and phisyque modifier.
Advance texture painting and procedural mapping with UVW unwraping.
Able to lit the scene either with 3ds Max standar lighting or Vray GI renderer.


Good understanding about cinematography. Has ability to translate scenario from script into a visual media, either storyboard and/or animation in a solid scene.
Able to compose a multipass scenes, adding effect, and retouching a scene with Adobe After Effect.
Learned manual photography with DSLR Camera.
Spoken and written Indonesian and English fluently.
Hardcore gamer.
Movie lover.

You can download the resume files here:

HILMA KHURIROY resume 10-03-2011.doc: Microsoft Word Document version. Can be saved to PDF


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