This is some of my animations. Just like life, learning never stops. Keep animating, keep training, keep trying. I'm far away from perfect, any comments and/or critiques would be very welcomed.

3D Modeling

When I was moving on from 2D Artist onto 3D, modeling was my first stepping stone. Go check it out.

2D Artwork

Before the Hilma-as-animator time has come, I was more as a 2D artist. I love sketching, digital painting, and making comics. Although I don't do all of that much lately, I still sketch and paint in my spare time.


It's a good training and application of cinematography. Plus I make alot of friends by it. I didn't have wide knowlededge of any photography techniques. I just use basic theory + my cinematography senses and skill. So I'm quite happy when alot of people love my works.

Animation Showreel

My newest reel. Click on picture for Youtube link, or click here for Vimeo version.

Nov 29, 2010

Punyu - Clay Project

This is me trying to learn some clay sculpting. I'm just doing it for fun due to the free leisure time on last weekend. The color is kinda rough because it's not dry yet, but I don't know if it would be better after dry, or not? I am a newb on this one. Learn a lot from this awesome guy. Work in progress..

Nov 24, 2010

Another Concepts

Just some doodling..

A Soldier

Punyu with some add-on outfit.

Nov 21, 2010

ICG Animation Challenge # 4: In-Game Action [Winner]

 Good news. I win the first place. Unlike the previous challenge which I always got highest vote but various liking from the jurors, this time they like my animation the most. That's a good progress. The other contestants also have pretty good animations. What a fun and experienceful challenge!
You can find the Jurors comments down the post.

Design of Punyu's sword, Omega.

In the end I remove the blue part of the sword, only because I need sword that looked light and fast. Punyu is a small girl with small figure, she is better to be an agile and nimble character rather than a heavy armed brutish orcish like.
I make her walkcycle to be a sneaky walk.

attack WIP, half combos, I think it needs a little more exaggeration. Too realistic is not interesting at all, guess I'll push it into hyper realistic

new update of the attack

I think I'm not satisfied with her finishing attack. Gotta think another one which will more cool and ultimatic [is that even a word?]

update on H-12

final progress rendered.


Rini Sugianto:

After judging the challanges for couple time.. I can see a lot of improvement on hiffary's work... I think this is one of the best work that he's done so far.
There isn't really much to critiques on this one.. the movement style fit the character.
If i am being really nit picky ... on the walk.. the head feels a little stiff and there is some jittery on the movement ( around frame 60-ish) and it looks like there's bit of a pop on the head also . The run feels good! right now it's really anime style of running.. but if you have to make it realistic.. the body needs to go up and down a little bit more .. and also the upper body doesn't really move right now.
The attack feels good..
the get hit ... the beginning part feels a little choppy ..
overall .. good job!

Jebbie Barrios:

The sneak walk is fine,but put it as a reminder that its much better to have it not cycled if you are entering a contest, intead used walking with an attitude in every step would make a difference.( e.g., on second or third step, lower the body, lift the arm a bit, have her squint, blink, apply more follow through on secondary action like hair etc.)

The same as in run as well...too much of a cycle and lacks some secondary actions such as follow through on hair and cloth on pants.

The fight scene is wonderful with a heart-melting acting and drama though still follow through is missing.

The material on the head is confusing as to whether it is a helmet or a hair. It moves like a steel and seemingly appears like a hair or a kind of soft elements. My experienced in designing on feature films suggest that she has no armour,-perhaps on the hand. So, I supposed its a hair and should move as a soft material.

That out-balanced on the fight scene,--it was nice. I would buy it.
All is perfect except for a bit of tweak on walk, run and follow through.

Wendra Alamanda:

pemahaman dan penerapan secondary motionnya sangat baik. jika walk fokus di kaki, maka gerakan tangan hanya mengikuti pergerakan kaki tersebut. trus selagi attack tangan kanan, tangan kiri mengimbangi gerakan animasinya. balance juga sudah cukup baik. mungkin bisa dilihat lagi tiap frame ato posenya, dimana pelvis dan berat tubuh karakter terfokus, dan bagaimana bentuk pose bahu dan tangan mengimbangi balance fokus berat tersebut. anticipation animationnya mungkin bisa dijadiin reference buat yg lain... smile

secara in game, attacknya masih terlihat terlalu rumit. terlalu bnyk perpindahan koordinat. jika ini game rpg yg 'in group/in party' karakter, attack itu mungkin bisa 'nabrak' karakter2 lain yg ada di sebelahnya (jika engine gamenya punya physique engine yg bagus, tentu tidak jd masalah). hit, timing kena attacknya mungkin masih bersinergi dengan hitnya. tp bagian akhir terlalu panjang. mungkin itu bisa jadi satu animasi sendiri, yaitu animasi 'die' (beberapa ingame punya animasi ini, karena tidak setiap attack lawannya lgsg mati). tapi disamping itu semua, animasinya oke, jd masukan diatas bisa diterapkan untuk animasi ingame lagi di kemudian hari. best luck! 

For the final vote and complete jurors comments and final decission, u can go directly here

Nov 20, 2010

Dragon Ball Z High Quality DX [HQDX] Figure Vol.6

Super Saiyan VEGETTO  [21 cm heights]

Super Saiyan 3 GOTENKS [16 cm heights]

Nov 17, 2010

Low Polygon Modeling

Before I start posting my works I'm gonna write this as I think alot when my friends and colleagues asking about how much is the limit of polygon amounts they have if they want to make low polygon model.
It never hurts to start modeling on low polygon. It is light, efficient and much more practical. It is very crucial in real time rendering such in games and simulations. But eventhough it usually doesn't have noticable impact on rendering animation movie, low polygon model helps alot on the production and animation phase.
Even so, with the fast growing technology, the concept of low polygon also shifted. Since the machine is gotten stronger, its ability to render polygon in real time is also increasing. This day, next generation games could render models with polygons in the same or even more amounts than earlier post rendered movies. Some amounts that had been known as the boundary of the number of polygons needed to create a low polygon models now has been passed. Now for game making purpose we could create model with the same amount of polygons just as the models for the movie, though the game couldn't use mesh smoothing add-on yet just like the movie could do. But that is the big YET since the boundary's just getting even more narrow than ever this day, particulary with the incoming technology of Microsoft DirectX® 11's tesselation.
But that is not the end of low polygon modeling. It's not that personally I think it has its own charm. But apart from that, low polygon concept is still alive, not by the number of the polygon boundary but by artist pretension to pursue efficiency. Doesn't have limit doesn't mean you can do everything you want. The good modeler wont abuse the limit. Even the strongest machine has limit and more efficient we use it, life would be easier for both of the human and the machine.
If there's no need for some polygon, edge, or vertex to be there, like it's on the flat planar surface, or the computer could discover by itself on the mesh smoothing, then there is no reason for it to be there.

You doesn't have to do it in low polygon. But do it in the lowest polygons you could.

Enough babbling, that's just me.
So this are some low polygon models that I did [I'm gonna put this on portofolio section A.S.A.P.]. Click on the picture for a larger view

It was a short movie project but it turns out unfinished due to the other projects, so I made this as an archive for my low polygon modeling, rendering, and animation. Next render of the wolfman and the environment will be coming soon.

The loveably Punyu. Most of the polygons goes to the face and the hands, could be less.But it's because I degrade her from the hi poly version.

Nov 12, 2010

Punyu, My Soda Girl [Updated Progress]

Thinks the earlier hair is stylish but pretty weird, Punyu kept asking me for the new one. She is very stubborn, never give up on asking and now she got it. Here it is, a new stylish but less weird hairstyle with some Indonesian touch.

  (Let me introduce you to a new member of the family. Punyu. Don't ask how I got the name, it just came like that. I uploaded the design of this character on the previous post, though I still change some elements here after in 3D, i.e. hair and hat. We can call the mesh's done here, next step would be texturing and then rigging-skinning. Can't wait to animate her.

Reason why I create her? Well, it doesn't mean I was distracted from my reel project. My reel is near complete, but if we take an analogy it would be as complete as lemonade, and people who's gonna take my drink doesn't like lemonade for a drink. They want something else that is more refreshing, but not that far from lemonade kind. So I decide to make lemon squash. And to turn lemonade into a squash we need soda! That is, my soda girl, Punyu.

It needs 2 nights to did the model, and 1 more night for rigging and skinning. Yep, I try not to waste any time. There's some part of the skinning that still needs some fixing on the shoulder. Wont be long, but I need to sleep now.

The original wireframe. As u can see I am sticking in my low polygon modelling style. I love it because it is easier and lighter to rig and animate. With the character who is animate-friendly, I can push my animation effectively to my limit.
Unsmoothed original mesh. Somehow it always has a charm rather than smoothed mesh, maybe because I am more specialized in low polygon modelling.
The turbo smoothed mesh. Eventhough I love the unsmoothed one, I still gonna use this for final presentation because it would look more polished and is more cinema friendly.
Textured one. WIP. I changed Punyu hair into more stylish design and removed the hat because rather than make her cute, it made her looked like a hobo.
Done with texture and shader, then testing it on the lighted scene.

Environment Modeling

Good news, Mount Merapi is getting calm. It still on awas(Highest Rank) status, but the eruption has been fewer and smaller, good grieve. Everything's starting to come back to normal. I can back to work and also create some free project like this one.
Work in progress.
An Indonesian kitchen, semi cartoony. As you can see there are lots of edges. That's because I use noise modifier to create jagged object in order to imitate the unperfection of the real world. Makes the scene richer and less boring.

Nov 6, 2010

Evacuation -> Vacuum Blogging

As you already knew I live in Indonesia, Javanese Island, Jogjakarta City.
There's an active volcano in the uptown of my city that is Mount Merapi. It had erupt on October 26th ago, and still erupting untill now.
Now I'm evacuating to my parents house that live further than my house, just in case, while waiting untill the volcano calms again. I don't know if I still could write anything artsy in this blog while this is still happenning. All my mind and my heart is concentrated into Merapi, the victims, and the people of Jogjakarta. The lovely, simple  and friendly people of the city I love, now is in distress. Hope it would all be over soon. Be strong everyone, God helps us.

Pray for Indonesia.

The eruption brings volcanic dust everywhere around Mount Merapi. It's dangerous for human health so a gas mask is a must. While lot of people use thick and light mask, I prefer the big one. Maybe they say it look dumb, but for me.. This is steam punk, dude!

Nov 1, 2010

Triple Combo Presents

Hatsune Miku 1/6 Scale, blue colour, SEGA, Heights 25cm. sculpted by Miyagawa Takeshi.
One of the three presents my girlfriend gave to me for my birthday. Thank you, Tessa. You are the best.


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