Aug 13, 2010

Lit The Kitchen

A friends asked me how I lit the kitchen in the soundsync animation scene. So here's I'll share it with you. It's not a tutorial, I am not a technic expert. It use only a simple technique, the rest is about sense and watching a lot of movies.
I use vray renderer for this scene, It has simple and easy to use global illumination setting. Here's the scene's lighting position.

top view
front view

here's the setting for each light:

Setting for vray light1
Setting for vray light2

Vray renderer setting:

Another tips to enchance the visual is using the SSS Shader for the skin

Okay, you've technically done with the scene light set. Now for the render phase, it's a choice, but i suggest you to split the still background and the moving object (character and props) apart.
Since the background is not moving towards camera, you practically only need one frame to be rendered. For the real time rendering you only need to render the moving object and hide the still background with vray matte feature. Don't just use the hide object thingy or you'll missed the colour bouncing from object to the background vice versa, shadow, and would be a big problem if the still object is in front of the moving object.

final rendering
for 270 frames it needs about 3 hours long total rendering on my phenom PC.
And the final compositing


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