May 18, 2011

Very-Much-Wanted compositing

I found it among trashes of my old abandoned blog. Guess I'm gonna sharing it here with you, guys.
This is the character model. It's still look too clean for the scene. Since it's for still image, I plan to make it dirtier on the compositing. This way is easier and often gives more expectable result.


As you can see it's still look empty and dull. There is only one ambient light, that's why i tried to put another element like wanted poster and a blue light from the opposite direction. I'm quite satisfied with that. I'll try to make it richer in photoshop.

Don't forget for zdepth render. It's very usefull for very light and machine friendly depth of field making:

Time for compositing:

At first, the explosion look like that. But after a lot of input it looks not real enough, make sense. So I tried to put more dirt and change the blast type of explosion into a real explosion. I also make the clothes dirtier and add some blood sprays on her body for more dramatic atmosphere.

Final adjusting to make the colors richer, and DONE :


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