Jul 6, 2011

The Chronicles of Java

Coola things! I just find this movie uploaded by my art director that means this is shareable now.
This is an animation project I've been doing. It's not perfect yet. But enough for a teaser. And still the best visual of domestic animation I've ever seen for now. Glad I could be involved.

CoJ is an ambitious full feature movie project. I am involved as a lead animator. Here I'll be using motion capture animation pipeline, quite an experience, huh?

I'm the on the middle, kneeling with white shirt and white glasses xD
I'm really sure this project gonna teach me a lot in new animation technique and responsibility as animation leader. And for now, the project is a giant piles of superfuness. The total production, including pre and post production would be done in full 2 years. Wish us luck!

Do you feel like you're cut for it? You think you're a good enough and in need of great experience doing project with many professional people? You don't want to sit on the seat of people looking for an animation movie who did by other people of their own country and just say  "Holy-F*** that movie is awesome wish I could be the one made it!"? Then prolly you're the right guy I need since when production starts I'm gonna need team soon and start recruiting talented people.


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