Jan 15, 2013

IndoCG Animation Challenge #9: Parkour

So I've decided to join this competition. The theme is interesting and I need to animate with 3dsMax after a long time or else I'll forgot how to do it.
The challenge is about parkour. Fun body mechanic.

The administrator of the challenge is kind enough to share many awesome references. It's more than enough for me, far from enough, therefore I went to editing software and cut just the movement I need and put them into one single clip so It will be easier for me to study from it.

The video became a great guide and it's quite tight for me not to wander around into ideas that is too far from what has been needed.

Time to start animating.

Somehow I enjoy doing this animation with straight ahead animation. It's fun, surprising, and challenging. It's not a good method for team work and industry I warn you. But since it's a personal work and free to do thing, I jump into it and really, it sucks me into deep pool of fun and curiosity of how my own work will become in the end.

First day in doing it. The start always the hardest and the longest to do. I did it o the weekend but lead me into only approximately 60 frames on 25 fps PAL video format. Started from 10 AM and post it in around 2 AM next morning

2nd day the excitement begins. Ideas flew faster.

[Will be edited for the next progress]


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