Jul 24, 2010

Cosplay at Kimochi Fest Yogyakarta 2010

This was the first time I was taking pictures of cosplayers, and what I can say about them is, they were totally camera friendly. They didn't mind u take pictures, really appreciated it instead, and they knew how to pose. As a photographer I am kinda questioning, according to many cosplay pictures I saw on the internet, they rarely had a session with a good photographer. Of course they are some but that is only a few. It's like photographers and cosplayers are each totally people from different planet.
To all my good fellow photographers, they aren't. They are living with us and they are as good as many of our photography models. Let's not put their appealing look and hard work into a waste.
I tag all the cosplayers on facebook and give them the high resolution photos if they want it. I love being friend with these attractive otakus and guess what, we have plan for another photosession.


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