Jul 23, 2010

Prince of Persia 2008 vs Prince of Persia The Forgotten Sands

I know I am a minority, but i love the PoP 2008. I won't discredit the other series and the fans because I didn't want to be a fanboy. It is actually has a pretty nice story with twist and turns in the middle and ending, not straight forward like PoP TFS. I also more attached to PoP 2008's characters. I think they are more lovable, but that's personal. The cell-shading visual concept also somewhat refreshing and eye candy, but I gotta admit, the casual concept of this game is too much and got into super-casual since u cant die.
Eventhough I like the way how Ubisoft tries to put new ideas into this series, but their decission to steps back and reincarnates the original Prince of Persia style had gotten my appreciation, that is, they puts majority fans on their top priority and that is a right thing to do.
Unfortunately, I am a minority one.
So i guess the mistake for PoP 2008 is.. it has PoP title. You and lot of people who love the serious-pure hearted-and-act more like a prince-kind of prince have right to be dissapointed with this episode, maybe i just some fans who got bored and needs another kind of game. Yes, i wish they had release PoP 2008 on a different title, according to the main character, Thief of Persia would suit it more, and then I'd surely play this game more than original PoP. :)

you prefer straightforward story as long it is about the prince, naive main character as long it use the prince's outfit, not-so-appealing female character, than this.. and you do mind if i call you a fanboy?


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