Nov 12, 2010

Punyu, My Soda Girl [Updated Progress]


Thinks the earlier hair is stylish but pretty weird, Punyu kept asking me for the new one. She is very stubborn, never give up on asking and now she got it. Here it is, a new stylish but less weird hairstyle with some Indonesian touch.

  (Let me introduce you to a new member of the family. Punyu. Don't ask how I got the name, it just came like that. I uploaded the design of this character on the previous post, though I still change some elements here after in 3D, i.e. hair and hat. We can call the mesh's done here, next step would be texturing and then rigging-skinning. Can't wait to animate her.

Reason why I create her? Well, it doesn't mean I was distracted from my reel project. My reel is near complete, but if we take an analogy it would be as complete as lemonade, and people who's gonna take my drink doesn't like lemonade for a drink. They want something else that is more refreshing, but not that far from lemonade kind. So I decide to make lemon squash. And to turn lemonade into a squash we need soda! That is, my soda girl, Punyu.

It needs 2 nights to did the model, and 1 more night for rigging and skinning. Yep, I try not to waste any time. There's some part of the skinning that still needs some fixing on the shoulder. Wont be long, but I need to sleep now.

The original wireframe. As u can see I am sticking in my low polygon modelling style. I love it because it is easier and lighter to rig and animate. With the character who is animate-friendly, I can push my animation effectively to my limit.
Unsmoothed original mesh. Somehow it always has a charm rather than smoothed mesh, maybe because I am more specialized in low polygon modelling.
The turbo smoothed mesh. Eventhough I love the unsmoothed one, I still gonna use this for final presentation because it would look more polished and is more cinema friendly.
Textured one. WIP. I changed Punyu hair into more stylish design and removed the hat because rather than make her cute, it made her looked like a hobo.
Done with texture and shader, then testing it on the lighted scene.


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