Nov 17, 2010

Low Polygon Modeling

Before I start posting my works I'm gonna write this as I think alot when my friends and colleagues asking about how much is the limit of polygon amounts they have if they want to make low polygon model.
It never hurts to start modeling on low polygon. It is light, efficient and much more practical. It is very crucial in real time rendering such in games and simulations. But eventhough it usually doesn't have noticable impact on rendering animation movie, low polygon model helps alot on the production and animation phase.
Even so, with the fast growing technology, the concept of low polygon also shifted. Since the machine is gotten stronger, its ability to render polygon in real time is also increasing. This day, next generation games could render models with polygons in the same or even more amounts than earlier post rendered movies. Some amounts that had been known as the boundary of the number of polygons needed to create a low polygon models now has been passed. Now for game making purpose we could create model with the same amount of polygons just as the models for the movie, though the game couldn't use mesh smoothing add-on yet just like the movie could do. But that is the big YET since the boundary's just getting even more narrow than ever this day, particulary with the incoming technology of Microsoft DirectX® 11's tesselation.
But that is not the end of low polygon modeling. It's not that personally I think it has its own charm. But apart from that, low polygon concept is still alive, not by the number of the polygon boundary but by artist pretension to pursue efficiency. Doesn't have limit doesn't mean you can do everything you want. The good modeler wont abuse the limit. Even the strongest machine has limit and more efficient we use it, life would be easier for both of the human and the machine.
If there's no need for some polygon, edge, or vertex to be there, like it's on the flat planar surface, or the computer could discover by itself on the mesh smoothing, then there is no reason for it to be there.

You doesn't have to do it in low polygon. But do it in the lowest polygons you could.

Enough babbling, that's just me.
So this are some low polygon models that I did [I'm gonna put this on portofolio section A.S.A.P.]. Click on the picture for a larger view

It was a short movie project but it turns out unfinished due to the other projects, so I made this as an archive for my low polygon modeling, rendering, and animation. Next render of the wolfman and the environment will be coming soon.

The loveably Punyu. Most of the polygons goes to the face and the hands, could be less.But it's because I degrade her from the hi poly version.


True, low polygon is still a crucial part of mobile/portable gaming. It's also (still) needed in MMOs because you will always encounter a situation where hundreds of players will gather around in one screen. :)

BTW, mantab gan! \m/

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