Oct 22, 2010

So Little Time, So Much I Want To Do

Make you wish one day consists of more than 24 hours, eh.

I have so many things, so many plans, but all of them needs time, one I can't control and felt so lacky even I've already slept for only 5 hours a day [Hell, I can't do less than that or I'd loose weight again, and that would not be quiet healthy]. And I also realized, the eager to do many things also prevent me to be game maniac like before. I only play game when It's leisure time, I had nothing important to do, or the game is really really interesting [which I can say not many since I've lost interest in game pretty much]

That's one reason I'm not updating this blog as much as before, but I can promise you that is because I'm always doing on somethings. One the things are done I'll put them here. For now I'm busy on finishing the animation for IndoCG Challenge. I have plan to make clay, hope I can start that once the challenge is done [and thank's God I'm on rendering phase right now]. I can also mention I miss painting, but the lack of pen tablet help me to endure that, lol.

One thing I learnt for success in finishing lot of projects is never do another if one was not done yet. I know it's hard to ignore something more interesting that keep coming while we're still working on the old project that starts to feel kinda boring, but in the end you'll surprised by the pile of results that is more than rather keep changing on different kind of projects.

One acomplished result is better than a bunch of half-done works. Focus! Always one thing at a time.


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