Dec 5, 2010

Punyu Wallpapers

Spending time on weekend to make another Punyu's piccy. Actually I was trying to make a wallpaper for my Blackberry XD. Posing-Lighting-Rendering-Compositing.

The compositing elements. It is better to break the element like this then compose it on Photoshop or After Effect than to deliver all the works into the renderer because we would have more control on the final composition. Computer are worker, not creator. The creativity should be kept controlled by the man's hands.
The wallpaper version, 360x480 pixels. I needs to readjust position of character and text so it suits My 9530 layout
Here it is when applied. Pretty nifty, eh? Now My Storm is good to go
Because a friend ask me for the other wallpaper version, I tried to make some. The PSP, wide, and HD version, for now, and still accepting request for other resolution.

PSP [480x272 pixels]
Widescreen [1440x900 pixels]
Full HD [1920x1080 pixels]


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