Sep 26, 2010

Jathilan - A Photo Shoot

Kuda lumping / jaran kepang / jathilan: a traditional Javanese dance featuring a group of soldiers on a horse This dance is using a horse made of wicker and bamboo that cut like a horse. This horse matting decorated with colorful paint and fabric. Jathilan is usually only shows the saber scene, but some performances will also serve lumping horse possessed attractions, immunity, and magical powers, such as the attraction of eating glass and immunity against flogging whip. Jathilan is part of the reog dance performances. Though this dance came from Java, Indonesia, this dance is also inherited by the Javanese settled in Malaysia and Singapore.Jathilan is an art that is played with a horse property imitation, made from woven bamboo. None of the historical record can explain the origin of this dance, only verbal history passed down from one generation to the next. [source: wikipedia - translated in english by writer]

There was a people party in Kayen Village, the place where studiokasatmata studios presents. There gonna be a Jathilan. Since I didn't have so much to do on this weekend, I pack my gear and came to studio on Sunday ..and I'm not dissapointed I did. Rain didn't mean a pulldown, though I need to be more careful in protecting my camera, but it made the Jathilan trance even more dramatic!



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