Sep 20, 2010

New Face!

The holidays had just pass. It is time for me to get back into my reel project, and this time.. crunch time.
One more punyu walkcycle and the reel is as good as a hot baked cake. But it's not easy since I got to manage time between this personal project, work, life, play and rest.
The best thing to get through with that is a brand new spirit. There I change the look of my site, Not a big changes but more like putting small and nice add ons.
The main theme obviously been changed and you' ll notice that I had add new portofolio banners. It is cool! But.. the contents are still under construction. Won't be long, coming soon, just be patient.
Also now commenting a post is far more easy with the embeded post window just under the post. so go on. comment ;)


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