Sep 6, 2010

Jalan Jalan - Lotus [Dragon Hunters OST]

I rewatched Dragon Hunter [Chasseurs De Dragons] when I refound this music. What a superb mucic, and more, it uses a very familiar Indonesian instrument. Kinda sounds like Javanese/Balinese music that arranged into some masterpiece with Hans Zimmer quality. Curiously I googled it and found that The song's title is Lotus, performed by Jalan Jalan[!] and the album name is: Bali[!]. Do you think that's surprising enough? Well.. that's not the biggest twist. Jalan Jalan is not an Indonesian music band, orchestra, or something, but it is actually a Japanese! here's more about Jalan Jalan Bali CD:

The stunning debut by Japanese ensemble Jalan Jalan evokes the island of Bali via authentic instrumentation, moving melodies, artfully arranged ambience, and stylish flourishes. Balinese gamelan is at the center of the music: with gongs, the gender (the metal keyboard used in gamelan), bamboo flutes, and percussion, making BALI feel particularly rooted in traditions of its geographical namesake. Yet the compositions here--simple, plaintive, and pointedly beautiful--unfold with an elegance that recalls 20th-century minimalism. The combination is immediately appealing, and sustains its fascination over multiple listens.

Proud and shame comes to me massively..
Proud because our country has a beautiful music potential that charms and inspires peoples from other country, and shame because other country appreciates and values our tradition more then ourself. I didn't yet found our musicians has arrange our traditional music into masterpiece like this. Apart from it, it is a beautiful music indeed. I'm in love to it maybe I'm gonna use it as background music for my animation reel.


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