Aug 9, 2010

Sound Synchronization Animation [updated] Wins 1st Place!

ICG Animation Challenge number 3 is about sound sync. There is particular audio clip with sound effects that we need to make animation, any kind of activities which is synchronized to the audio.
Personally I prefer to do some acting animation, since I didn't have any personal animation about that yet. I even had PM the admin, but it look like they had different decission. Then I thought I would still tried to finish the animation, since it never a waste to have another seriously made animation. I would do the acting animation later by myself after I done with this.
Well, it's done now.
And before i get myself into the next animation, I ll share the sound sync video here first. It is on Vimeo video sharing site. Although it is heavier than youtube but you can play it frame by frame, also it's the competition rule.

Let's hope it wins something.

ICG Challenge III Soundsync from Hilma Khuriroy on Vimeo.


God bless, this animation wins the ICG Challenge on the first place, thanks to all the voters and the judges.
For the rewards I've got some professional critiques that is very useful for my learning. Here I'll share them with you. Or you can just go directly to the forum, here.

Yay! It's on the ICG front art.

critique from Rini Sugianto, lead animator from Blur Studio:
I really like this piece.. I would choose it as the winner, BUT it doesn't sync with the audio. Unfortunately since it doesn't complete the challenged, I can't give the highest score.
I think the idea is great. the ball with the tail is awesome . It gets a little to complicated when he tried to hit the ball . But with some more work and put more weight on the swing , i think it would work . Similar thing with the hit to the table. The movement needs more weight. It has to hit the table harder and then he needs some recovery time to absord the impact.
But overall idea is there. Just need some polish

Tirza Angelica:
Story idea nya bagus & menarik... tapi ada bbrp hal minor yg bisa diperbaiki utk membuat animationnya lbh baik:
- Di frame 000, ati2 dgn pose wrist tangan kanan si chef. Terlalu patah & tidak natural. Hal yg sama terjadi bbrp kali, misalnya di frame 178-184.
- Juga ati2 dgn penetration: frame 179-180 (tangan kanan nembus ke meja), 185 (nembus ke topi), 191-195 (nembus meja lagi), 211 (ujung stick nembus ke box).
- Di pose terakhir (pingsan di lantai) si chef badannya floating... pastikan nempel di lantai.
- wkt binatangnya ngegigit tangan si chef, silhouette nya terlalu overlapping  (binatang dgn tangan) sehingga kurang keliatan jelas kalo dia ngegigit tangan si chef... akan lebih bagus kalo awalnya ada jarak dl antara binatang dgn tangan chef, lalu kasih liat thought process si binatang sampe kemudian dia memutuskan utk mengigit tangan si chef... Aku liat hifarry udah buat hal itu, cuma aja krn dari awal shot si binatang ekornya gerak2 terus, ga keliatan jelas emosi nya.. apakah dia takut, ga sadar kl dia dlm bahaya, happy, atau apa? Krn ga ada muka, lengan & kaki, satu2nya cara utk mengconvey feeling & emotion dia adalah lewat body movement (badan & ekor)... & harus ada perubahan emotion (supaya keliatan jalan pikirannya). Misalnya aja, wkt pertama, dia ketakutan krn mau dibunuh & dia gemeteran... lalu wkt si chef lepas pegangannya, si binatang sadar lalu melihat ada kesempatan utk self defense, liat ke chef lalu liat ke tangan chef.. antic... lalu menerkam tangan si chef.
- Ati2 jg dgn kaki... krn gerakan badan, kaki jadi ketarik2 & jadi banyak jinjit2. Jadi terkesan kyk kakinya stuck nempel di lantai & badan gerak2 sendiri, instead of weight dari badan ditopang oleh kaki.
But overall it's a good piece & fun to watch. Good work!

Jebbie Barrios:
The idea is Cool. The humor is also amazing. It just needs some kind of a substance as an ingredients for an outrageous animation,--more push on the action will work.
The character has to show the clarity of action before lifting the knife,he has to lift the knife, have the audience read it before lifting it up...--a clear way to communicate to the viewer. Also, a basic requirement in animation.
But, it has a style of its own,--apart from what we used to see. Wonderful touched of humor though. This one is unique thats why I choose this one as first.
To sum it up; the style itself is a winner.

Aditya Triantoro:
Good job!
Penambahan detail suasana “dapur masak” menambahkan cerita menjadi lebih jelas, effort yang baik. Nice simple story telling.
Secara keseluruhan, timing action & movement masih terasa sangat ada Ease-in/ ease out, yg justru menambahkan weight inside the shot,dan temponya terlalu monoton..dimana akan lebih baik ada pause, or tempo irama timingnya sedikit abstract. Disini juga si Chef keliatan “staged” bgt, bukan seolah2 ketidak sengajaan..dari dia mulai ngambil golok, reaction, gigit, muter2, dan yg paling ketara adalah pas si chef ngambil stick utk mukul si bola..
example from your shot, this was the impression that I got.
frame 157 - 252
“he knows the stick is there, and he needs to pick it up, and hit the ball, the chef spins around and falls down..”
in which it could have been (example).
“what should I do? (panic), oh I need to reach that stick, grab the stick, do a HUGE antic (exaggeration), Hit the ball, miss the ball, the ball moved so fast and made the chef spin around, and caused the stick to hit him in the face, then fall down.”
so, what im trying to say is,
the challenge is actually how to deliver information to the audience as clear as you can, and using time wisely so everything is clean and simple.
anyways, again, Good Job!


I've compare vote distribution, and I watch each contestant clip. Damn.. is that objective voters ??. is that a bunch of kids or what?
You better tell to administrator to teach that voters what is animation first, before they conduct animation challenge.

thanks for your concern. I can say that you are right. the forum is not a full animation forum. it has user from many diciplines like 2D artist, motion graphic, and 3D modelling artist who their speciality is not in animation. It's different compared to, like, 10 seconds club contest. But it's a good start for the forum. We are together still learning, and hope that the voting could be better every next contest. Have a nice day :)

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