Aug 13, 2010

Kitchen Afternoon in Progress

I move this tutorial from my old blog here because one of my friend asks for it.
This isthe step by step  (really detail steps) of my "kitchen afternoon" artworks. the softwares I used is painter and a little photoshop for retouching. the hardware is wacom bamboo tablet. I forgot to count the time, but it was approx. 4-5 hours including the sketch. click the thumbnail for bigger images.

sketch and ink are done in traditional technic. I will retrace the lineart with digital pen later for more smooth lines.  ok, start to coloring. for the tone, lately I prefer to pick from real photo, since it give more realistic and predictable color combination. predictable means I looks for photo reference who had the tones and atmosphere that I need, then start to pick the color from it. so im like have plan how the pic gonna be, not totally random like what I had always did in earlier artworks. the photograph also gaves me the idea to added the sunlight effect that falls thru windows to the body.

advance colouring with painter.
like usual, my paint technique is just blocking then blending the colour. ill try other technic when im bored with this one :D. for now, this technic gives me the best result that I want. oh, and I even pick the environment color from the photograph.

well, not all tones had been pick from photograph. i also added my own green tone to make the color richer, also to make the dark area more darker.

paint the chair and, sorry guys but i need to add clothes to this character ;)

I achieve the whole atmospher tone in bottom right pic by retouching in photoshop and thats it. It's done!


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