Aug 25, 2010

Punyu - Walks

Casual Walks

I always used template, note, or reference drawing to make walkycle. True, that solved the problem but it lacks some principles of understanding motion.
So I relearn it. 2 chapter of Richard Williams' Animator Survival Kit helps me alot. By knowing how and why we walk now I don't need note anymore. It's all about understanding.
If you feel like you were missing something in animation eventhough you already a professional in it, don't hesitate to goes way back for basical things. You'd be surprised by what you would find. It's just like what Richard Williams said, "You don't know what you don't know."
I need to watch the next chapter to make Punyu runs, so before that, here she is in casual walking in 12's. In the end it was become my 1st frame by frame animation. I think It's much better than the walkcycle without understanding of the basic which I ever made.


Wow, this is a little harder than the casual walk. Maybe it's because I am trying to make it more dinamic, not just a cycle, but more into a scene where she sneaks backward, turns her body, then sneaks forward.
Animator Survival Kits is still my holy guide on this one. Here is the first blocking.

Work In Progress 01 - Contact + Passing Position

I got trouble on the transition move between the backward-forward sneak, so I shot video of me and my friend doing the sneak for the reference . Thanks to Arief Suranto for the help.

Human Sneak Reference

Work In Progress 02 - Breakdown along with pose refinements


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