Aug 1, 2010

The Best Motivator is Yourself

Lots of people blogging because they want it to be read and commented. They are asking for friends, collegas, families, and everyone else to be commenting to their posts. They would be sad if their blog was quiet and didn't has alot of visitors. In the end, they doesn't have enough motivation to write the new post, being lazy, and give up on the blog.

Lots of people shows their works, their arts, their sweats to other people so it could be enjoyed, admired, commented or even criticized. Being responded sure as hell is exciting. They felt exist. What a damn big motivation.

But when that happened is the contrary, then so does the motivation and spirit. In the end, they didn't even have enough motivation to make another piece,  being lazy, and give up on the work. Now the work they did is not fun anymore, It's only a job. Job, is not part of the fun.

I was like that sometimes ago, and it led me into a big giant lazyness and demotivation.

But now i realize, being exist is not about how you have been known by other people. No, people not always objective. Let say u scores 90 and their friend scores 85, they're gonna see, unconciously, that their friend is better than you.

Being exist is more about you've been known by yourself. It is you, YOU, the most important and only person needs to know that you are there, alive, and kicking. That is the best motivation. Blog because you like to record your steps, not because you want to be commented. Animate because you're enjoying each step you make to play God, breathing life into a soulless 3D doll, happy to see it move and act as your creation.
Then, you don't need a free time to do some free time job, since it's enjoyable more than TVs, movies, and games, you would move aside some playtime and fill it with blogging and personal project.
After some times had pass, you ll realize that you've already post lots on your blog, then people will start visiting. You ll realize that you produce lots of decent animations, that you ready to make a reel.

You do it because you love it. It is fun, it is playing, we have 8 hours each day in life to play and that's enough to make alot of posts or an amazing personal jobs. Didn't count if you sleep less than 8 hours.

At least that works for me. In the last 3 months my reel almost ready and in the last week I write this much on my blog.


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